Q1.  Why should I choose Blue Mountain International?

We are a team of Highly skilled professionals and are certified by the overseas education body that are globally recognised.

In addition to that our team members have over 30 years of Strong Professional work experience at senior management positions running Multi million Dollar Businesses in MNC & Top Indian Corporates in Indian and Abroad.

We fully understand the requirements of young students who want to pursue their Higher studies in Foreign countries like Canada, UK, Germany, etc.

Q2.  What is the process that you follow for enrolling students?

We start the process by having a detailed career discussion with the prospective student. We evaluate his / her skills set and the choice of program. Then we reach out to the foreign colleges and university and see for program fitment and course availability.

We Coach & Guide students to prepare the Statement of Purpose (SOP) which is a very critical step for the VISA application.

At each step of the process we keep the students fully informed over Email, phone calls and personal discussions.

Q3.  What is the right course for me?

There is wide range of options across different levels and subjects that can be chosen from. There are also options of various locations where the students can pursue their studies abroad.

We will assess your profile basis your educational background and your preferred course. Basis the discussion and our assessment we will then suggest suitable programs for you to pursue.

Q4.  How soon can I be enrolled for higher studies and get the Visa?

Each college has different timelines for student intake. Most students take anywhere between as early as 2 weeks to roughly 8 weeks to find a suitable course and campus where they can enrol. Visa processing can further take unto 45 days at the maximum. Student Direct Stream Category applicants get Visa Approval within 2 weeks.

Q5.  Do I need to take an English language course or certification?

Yes, all foreign colleges & universities require proof of English language proficiency from the students. The required score varies from country to country and program to program.

Q6.  What is the cost of studies?

The cost of Tuition fees varies from country to country and type of program you are going to pursue. Roughly tuition fee varies between INR 8 lac to 20 lac+ for college/university courses per year. (These fees change every year and also due to Dollar price fluctuations)

In addition to this highly talented students can apply for Scholarships, which are solely at the discretion of the respective College or University.

Q7.  How do I get the Visa after my admission has been confirmed?

After the admission has been secured with an institute of your choice and tuition fee paid, we will help you with other important steps for Visa application. Be it your compulsory appointment for Medical Health Check Up or opening up of GIC account in Canada or completing documents for Visa application we will be there to guide you at every step.

Once all documents are secured, we will help you with final submission of your application at the Counselor Office, Biometric appointment & fee payment. At each and every step we will be happy to help. Once everything has been successfully submitted, the Visa officer will share his decision on your application.

Maximum time a Visa Officer has to take a final decision on the application is 45 days.

Q8.  As per my intake, when should I take the flight?

You should arrive in your destination country of study 2-3 weeks before the start of the session giving yourself sufficient settling time.

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